1% For the Mountains 

Protecting mountains and their wild ecosystems ...

Encourage the main economic actors of the mountain to participate in the protection of our playground AND the sustainable development of THEIR activities.
Among the last areas of freedom for many wildlife species and outdoor enthusiasts, the mountains are above all a fragile environment. The melting of glaciers, pollution or the degradation of natural areas are irrefutable markers as nature recedes ...

Organizers, companies, media, outdoor brands, institutions, enthusiasts ... do not hesitate to help, join, follow or accompany WildinisM.

Examples of Actions (List not exhaustive)

Work financially by supporting:

► The mountain environmental association (s) of your choice: Mountain Wilderness, Robin des Montagnes, Protect Our Winters ...
► Concrete actions for the protection / rehabilitation of mountain territory and wildlife
► Financial and / or material partnerships with driving tests on the Steps to Nature and / or WildinisM Appellation program ...
► By committing to value each step, sweat drop and calorie of the participants in a MaXi-Wild project in donation relative to each of the kM + and / or MD + performed.

Offer your services / talents:

► Photographers / videographers / Writers / bloggers ... who send us pictures or movie or texts related to the wild mountains.

► Media that guide our activities

► Other specialists or not, who wish to invest in these themes

Discount on your products or services


► To members of the WildinisT community

► In the Steps to Nature events and / or appellation WildinisM

Members 1% for the Mountains


Participants who wish to do so will be featured in our communication and will be able to use the 1% for the Mountains logo to showcase their commitment to Mountain and Wildlife.

You commit to these themes without necessarily taking part in the collective 1% for the Mountains?
This is just as good for us ... do not hesitate to tell us about your actions and we could relay them on our networks.

It should be noted that the majority of these donations will be eligible for the tax reduction for donations to organizations of general interest (66%)


Contact us : wildinism@gmail.com