"Be the change we want to see for the planet. "

Events that choose to run without additional trail marking, or personal assistance outside the organisation and which comply with the Steps To Nature Program, will be able considered as WildinisM appellat.

These "adventures" require commitment from participants to take responsibility for themselves. Events filling these criteria  symbolise the ideal of outdoor races having almost zero impact on the planet and immerse their participants in nature.

Therefore, these events will have to inform the participants of their approach enough time before the registrations, in order for the participants to be warned and prepared for this kind of event which requires a good knowledge of the natural environment crossed.
Challenge without bib -> mythical routes "Maxi-Wild" are offered for information on this page, we encourage you to try to achieve their in total autonomy respecting the 7 Steps To Nature.


"To show our civilization that we can live pure and unforgettable moments, face to face with myself and with nature, while leaving a minimum of traces behind its passage, as did our ancestors or wild animals since the dawn of time "