Mountain Wilderness acts to share and protect the specificity, the beauty and the richness of the mountain areas, for today and for tomorrow.
Open to all lovers of the mountains, the association supports a relationship to the mountain based on respect for people and nature.
For this, his actions aim to:

- ensure the maintenance of natural balances,
- question unreasonable practices,
- propose soft approaches to the mountain,
- support a diverse mountain economy.

Minimize the waste associated with your "nature" event.

Example: setting up cleaning teams before and after the race, selective sorting ... and especially awareness of the participants.
Favoring the bartering and resale of second-hand equipment and the recycling of used shoes would be a very good thing.

Created in 2007 under the leadership of Pierre Rabhi, Colibris is mobilizing for the construction of an ecological and human society. The association places personal change at the heart of its raison d'être, convinced that the transformation of society is totally subordinate to human change. Colibris's mission is to inspire, connect and support citizens committed to an individual and collective transition process.

Draw the society of tomorrow and explore the latest ecological and citizen initiatives, do its part, at its level, towards a happy sobriety.


We do not choose the air we breathe, our goal is to prevent the health impacts of air pollution and improve air quality.

"Breathing fresh air is considered an essential condition of human health and well-being. However, air pollution continues to pose a significant health threat around the world "," Everyone has the right to live in a balanced and healthy environment. "But" Although emissions are steadily declining, every year in France there are still more than 9 million tons of pollutants that are emitted into the air by human activities (industry, automobiles, domestic activities, agriculture, etc.). ), And knowing the consequences of such a situation, the association RESPIRE bases its main object on the fight against the atmospheric pollution as well as the protection and the defense of the victims of atmospheric pollution.

Mountain Riders is a merry band of free, passionate and committed sheep, domesticated as a sustainable development education association, since 2001.

Animations and educational projects to educate the youngest, mountain waste collection campaigns, green flake label for our ski resorts ...

The aim of the association is to put pressure on politicians and economic decision makers by conducting citizen mobilization campaigns bringing together a network of associations and citizens as wide as possible.

Live and learn on organic farms WWOOF France is an association, law 1901 not-for-profit, which works for the transmission of organic agricultural know-how, and an ecologically and socially sustainable way of life. Link between the actors of the bio (the hosts) and the general public (the WWOOFers), our association offers the opportunity to learn and discover healthy techniques and more respectful of the environment, through active stays in organic farms.

To work for the stabilization, or even the long-term reduction of the human population, by encouraging the self-limitation of the birth rate.
When we talk about protecting the environment, we spontaneously think of renewable energies, natural protected areas, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, recycling or circular economy. On the other hand, we think much less about the question of the population. Yet our impact on the environment is entirely dependent on the size of the human population.

Do more together than you can do alone.

1% for the Planet is a global movement of inspiring activities and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and daily actions.