Maxi-Wild - Free to explore !!

  "A free man is someone who chooses his itinerary ..."

Maxi-Wild realization is a showcase and an extension of the WildinisM in its wildest style, clean and fair ....By bike, on foot, sailing, canoeing, rollerblading or any other non-motorized means.

Maxi-Wild  Challenges = freedom + total autonomy and maximum respect of the 7 steps of the Steps To Nature Programm.

--> Without bips : the freedom to explore mythical courses or summits such as:

Tour : Ecrins & Queyras / Mt Blanc / Vallée d'Aoste / Rocky Moutains...
Traverse : Drakensberg / Sierra Nevada / Réunion / Japan Alps / Corsica...

Summit : 500-1000-2000-4000-6000-8000m... to each his summit !

Some GPX track to discover / download on this page and give free to your imagination by proposing / building your own Maxi-Wild Track here.

 Date, place, material, alone or in a team, in "record" mode non-stop or roaming nomad ... it's YOU who choose!
--> Events : Events choosing to be done without any markings or outside help and which respect the maximum Steps To Nature program can be put forward more specifically because they symbolize an ideal of outdoor races with an impact almost zero for the planet and a true immersion in symbiosis with nature *.
* These adventures require experience and a good knowledge of the natural environment crossed ...
Every step, drop of sweat and calorie spent can also be transformed into a donation for nature ...

More info to come on the different sides of this parallel project on Maxi-Wild  

"Get rid of the superfluous and get out of its comfort zone to become part of our nature, overcome yourself to live pure and unforgettable moments, while leaving a minimum of traces behind its passage, as did our ancestors or wild animals since dawn of time. "