Camp 1 - Highlight its territory, its fauna, its flora and its inhabitants in correlation with its environment.
Camp 2  - Inform and train staff & volunteers to be ambassadors of eco-responsibility.
Camp 3 - Dedicated page with eco recommendations for participants and actions implemented on its website + regular post on its social networks.


Camp 1 - Organic and / or local food at refreshments and / or arrival meals
Camp 2 - Possible choice for vegetarians and gluten-free on refreshments and / or arrival meals
Camp 3 - Local finishers and / or hospitality gifts and / or consumables
Summit - No finisher & hospitality gift at all .


Camp 1 - Public transport for spectators, journalists and possible assistants
Camp 2 - Focus on drones over helicopters for aerial photography
Camp 3 - Supplies spaced at least 20km apart
Summit - No personal assistance at all


Camp 1 - Reusable and / or biodegradable fully erasable markup

Camp 2 - Make the participants responsible for the itinerary and provide road book and / or Gpx trace in case

Camp 3 - Partial markup, without “motorway” signs (large sign, mileage indications, etc.)

Summit - Wild Mode = No markup at all on the flagship route of the event



Camp 1 - Establishment of course cleaning teams before and after the race
Camp 2 - Set up sorting areas in the departure / arrival and refreshment areas
Camp 3 - Set up a system of monitoring measures for the management of residual materials and try to improve this report year after year
Summit - No refueling at all and control of participants' garbage bags


Camp 1 - Eliminate all single-use items (plates, glasses, etc.) that cannot be recycled.
Camp 2 - Logistics or communication / dressing supports (banners, arch, flames, dry toilets, etc.) reusable year after year + Rental / pooling to be preferred.
Camp 3 - Replacement of plastic bottles by water ramps, jerry cans, glass containers ...

Camp 1 - Runners / bikes rather than quads, motorcycles or cars to mark out and open the routes
Camp 2 - Support for public transport on online events and / or urban trips
Camp 3 - “VEP” parking reserved for carpooling & electric vehicle, bicycle park ...
Summit - Rewards to encourage participants to use public or low-carbon transport upstream (discounts, photos, meals, promotion, bonus, etc.)