Become a WildinisT   

We invite outdoor "hummingbird", experts and beginners alike, to become ambassadors of their environment and practice their sport without artifice throughout the year.
Our godmother Emilie Lecomte / 1st Tor des Géants & Diagonale des Fous  + traverse record of GR20 (Corsica) in 41h22min
THANK YOU from the heart for this new wind that is so good !! More than an approach, a new momentum and a state of mind so realistic in my opinion. Since the time I was looking for "doing my part", this is a great opportunity to give back to nature all that we offer on a daily basis. I hope this project will inspire you as much as it seduced me and will become tomorrow who knows, a reference of our practice of the Trail, the sport, the mountain, and the life in general ... emy
Non exhaustive actions list we encourage for the WildinisT* :
*Free to each one to define your engagement...

--> Follow the recommendations of the Steps To Nature Program 

--> Give priority to the events involved in the STN Program and even more to those with appellation WildinisM

--> Refuse any additional external assistance to the one (often already well) provided by the event or personal challenge.
See the Manifesto for autonomous sports practice without personal assistance 
--> Try to minimize its waste by using reusable containers for its bars / gels / drinks ...?

-->Think about the cost to the planet: recycled material, used or made in "not too far" ...

--> Reduce individual carbon footsprint: soft mobility with bicycles, public transport or, if not, carpooling ...

--> Post tricks or tips in the BOX STN idea

--> Participate in interactive exchanges about environment & wild practice on the FB WildinisT Group

 A paraglider who climbs to a takeoff on foot, a trail-runner who refuses help, a mountaineer who doesn’t take the cable car, an extreme skier who won’t heliski ... each step taken under our own steam, without motorised assistance is a victory..

The numerous attempts of records, pedestrian, velocipede or on spatulas should be made in total autonomy for fairness, environment and exemplarity.

"We are in the front row to witness to the immeasurable aesthetic and emotional richness of these places and preserve the biodiversity that lives there."

A wildinist is someone who feels close to his values and tries at his own pace to put some in application ... the registration below allows to display your membership but it is in no way required for to feel "wildinist", everyone is totally free.

Join "officially" the community WildinisT