Maxi-Wild - Free to explore !!

  "A free man is someone who chooses his itinerary ..."

A showcase and an extension of the WildinisM in its wildest style, clean and fair ...
With pleaz approach by bike, on foot, sailing, canoeing, rollerblading or any other non-motorized means.

Discover MW <150 kM+ / Original MW<150 à 300 kMGiant MW <300 kM+ à 500 kM+ / Extreme MW > 500 kM+

--> Without bips : Date, place, material, alone or in a team, in non-stop "record" mode or in nomadic roaming ... YOU choose!
You can also imagine your itinerary and  make your own route here.

The routes are offered for informational purposes, please make sure of any errors or even the terrain conditions before your attempt.
* kM + = Kilometers + Hundreds of vertical meters
Example 200km & 16000md + = 360 kM+.
Each step taken, drop of sweat poured and calorie expended can also be transformed into a donation for nature ...
"Get rid of the superfluous and get out of your comfort zone to become one with our nature, surpass yourself to live pure and unforgettable moments, while leaving a minimum of traces behind its passage, as did our ancestors or even wild animals since the dawn of time. "