For a sport without artifice... and to move  

The WildinisM project has the ambition to raise the awareness and promote a more wild, autonomous and sustainable practice of outdoor sport ...


In partneship with run by International Trail Running Association (ITRA), present in more than 150 countries, and Mountain Wilderness Association, a pioneer of defense of the mountain environment,  this humble "arrow" is launched by our young association Robin des Montagnes.

We have identified 7 aim Steps To Nature, simple recommendations to reduce the overall environmental impact of our sometimes "consumerist" practices, but the heart of our approach lies in the promotion of sport in the wild way.

Assistance "formula 1", multiplication of supplies, marking "highway" ... Is everything that is put in place to go faster or make more comfortable our "performances" is it not a contradiction to the initial need for adventure that we come to seek in full nature?
We are proposing to our community to think together and to take a small step or step by step a path can be more respectful, enriching and in synergy with the ecosystem of which we undeniably belong.
Have a good time exploring and do not hesitate to participate, criticize, guide, help or even join the small hummingbirds WildinisT.

 "We can't continue to consider nature as someone else's garden, among the last spaces of freedom for many wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, the mountains are above all a fragile environment and adventurers are at the forefront to preserve the biodiversity that lives there ".